Great South West Walk Day 2, Cut-Out Camp to Fitzroy Camp, November 2021

I was last out out of camp this morning. Nigel was out first, followed by Judy and then Erin and Ryan. I made it out just before 9am. I blame the coffee. I decided to bring some on this trip as a bit of a morning treat. I don’t usually bother with coffee on bushwalking trips.

I came across a black snake curled up beside the track around mid-morning. I saw it late just as I was alongside it and kept going. It didn’t stir. That was it for the day too. Although I did not know that at the time, so I was on the lookout constantly for them, especially after yesterdays three sightings.

There were a few rain showers today; one before arriving at Cobboboonee camp gave me a good soaking. I had a break there and my first leech encounter. Sliding up my shoe I managed to flick it off before it got to my leg. Erin and Ryan were there when I arrived and soon set off. I came across them not long after where Ryan was also having a leech encounter.

Cobboboonee Camp, not staying just a rest stop for today

There was quite a bit of water on the track. Sometimes duckboard went over it and sometimes I just had to slush through or sidestep around it.

Lots of water on the track today

There was quite a bit of tree-fall across the track too.

I had another solid rain shower before arriving at Fitzroy camp around 3.30. I managed to find a couple of ok trees and set up the hammock.

The same group was at camp tonight with the addition of Paul, who is on his first multi-day walk. He had good gear so he has obviously done some research and set himself up nicely for it.

As it was wet most of the evening we did not have a fire and when the sun went down just after 8 all had trundled off to bed. The rain had set in so we all wondered how good our tents and tarp would be in keeping us dry. For my part I was dry and quite warm too. I had put the underquilt protector on, maybe that helped with the warmth. One the first night I had a couple of cold spots early in the morning but none this night.

Forgot to take a picture of Fitzroy camp set-up so here’s one after pack-up next morning

Tomorrow is the last day of the forest section and camp will be at Moleside where the river section of the walk begins.

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