Great South West Walk Day 3, Fitzroy to Moleside, November 2021

I was last one out of camp again, leaving just before 9am. The last of the others had left by 8 so I was quite a long way behind. Todays section is 22km according my Lower Glenelg and Discovery Bay map.

The forest scenery changed a bit more today as we neared the river, a bit more sandy. Lots of snakey grass too so I was on constant alert. I was so far behind the others I did not bump into anyone today.

Only one snake today but it was a difficult one. I had just stopped for a break not long before and started the section from Inkpot Road. About 10 mins in at 12.45pm I came across a brown coloured snake. I assume a Brown snake but I didn’t want to get too close. It was lengthways along the track facing towards me with its head up. I backed off to give it some space but it wasn’t really going anywhere. It seemed to be keeping an eye on me!

I made some noise and stamped my feet but got no reaction. I threw a lump of wood into the bushes near the snake but that got no response. So I rolled a piece of wood down the track stopping a few metres short and wide of the snake. That got a reaction and it came slithering down the track towards it, and me! I backed off a few steps while the snake checked out the piece of wood and very slowly went back to where it came from. I waited about 10 minutes but the snake did not get off the middle of the track. It seemed to be telling me “You shall not pass!” Could I go around through the bush? It was pretty thick reedy stuff and I had no appetite for him to follow me there or come across any of his mates. I looked at the map and decided strategic retreat was the best option. I could go back to Inkpot Road and take the road for a couple of kms before rejoining the track at the Inkpot, a dark coloured dam.

Inkpot Dam

Fortunately no further snake encounters and I arrived at Moleside camp about 2.30. The start of the river section!

Happy Hiker!

The other walkers had arrived and set up their tents. I found not a lot of options to hang the hammock. I ended up choosing a spot near the shelter with two gums quite a distance apart. I had to get the tree straps up as high as I could reach. I even had to tie some proper knots with the tarp as the line was not long enough to reach all the way around the tree and back to the tarp. Thanks to Andrew Skurka for his tutorial on knots!

Erin and Ryan’s mum and step-father had arrived to spend the afternoon. We were all asked to join them and were offered proper food! I had my packed dinner of noodles with freeze dried veg and salami bullets first, as I wanted to lose the weight from my pack, but then had a snag in bread with sauce. And some choc “Favourites” for dessert. We sat around the camp fire chatting for a while until the parents left. Then gradually we all retired to our beds for the night. It was very noisy with wildlife tonight, including one loud snorer amongst the walkers. I listened to a podcast but didn’t get sleepy. Eventually I turned it off, put in earplugs and sleep finally came to me.

Tomorrow is the start of the river section. I’m looking forward to it as, having walked it a few years ago, I know the terrain and scenery is a bit more varied and interesting.

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