Wilsons Prom Northern Circuit Day 4, April 2021

Lower Barry Creek Camp to Five Mile Road Car Park

Today’s walk was the shortest of the trip. Around 10km would see us back at the car and hopefully tucking into some nice hot food for lunch at a town on the drive back to Melbourne. We packed up camp and set off at 8am.

It wasn’t all beer and skittles though with some thick scrub to be pushed through at times.

We stopped for a break and some views on a big rock outcrop before a final, easy push to Five Mile Road.

Once we were back on the road we played spot the wallaby for a bit and before long we were back at the car.

Nothing much to report about the trip home other than to note that the only places that seemed to be open in Leongatha were Maccas and KFC (and they were teeming with people) while Korumburra had a few cafes open including Kelly’s Bakery who also do post-hike staples such as burgers, steak sandwiches and chicken schnitzel rolls.

I thoroughly enjoyed this walk and would do it again someday. While most that do it seem to agree it is a challenging walk, views are mixed whether it is walk worth repeating. We had good weather and the water sources were in good shape so that helped. I am glad I did not do it solo as it was good to have three sets of eyes in the swamp to keep looking out for the ever elusive track. The challenge, variety of walking terrain and some good views along the way all made it worthwhile for me.

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