Great South West Walk, Day 0, November 2021

I’ve had an eye on the roughly 250km Great South West Walk (GSWW) for a long time. With Melbourne’s second several months long lockdown ended and time on my hands I decided the weekend after Cup Weekend would be a good time for me to do it.

I set off on a long Sunday drive to Portland via Nelson in south west Victoria, close to the South Australian border. I dropped off a box with food at the Nelson Hotel for me to resupply half way through the walk. I will be staying at the hotel for a rest day next Sunday if all goes to plan.

I arrived in Portland around 4pm. After settling into my motel room I went for a little wander around town, scouting some options for dinner.

Unremarkable motel room, like many others, with hints of pack explosion

While out I received a phone call from GSWW track coordinator Gordon who told me there is a section in tomorrow’s walk that is flooded and he will drive me around it. So we arranged for me to call him when I arrived at Bolwarra where he will pick me up and then drop me off a few kms from the end of the day’s section at Cubby’s Camp.

Dinner tonight was at the Royal Hotel. I had a huge chicken parma. Feeling very full I strolled back to my motel room and settled in for the night. Netflix! A bit of a novelty as we don’t have it at home and it took me a while to pick something to watch. I started with a movie but couldn’t get into it so opted to watch a Bill Burr comedy special “Paper Tiger” followed by a Russell Peters special “Almost Famous”. Then it was off to sleep for whatever tomorrow brings. Let the walking begin!

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