Great South West Walk Day 9, Lake Monibeong to Swan Lake, November 2021

Today’s walk was a beach slog. Leaving camp late in the morning meant that the tide would be just past it’s peak making for easier walking on firmer sand.

There wasn’t a lot to see on the beach other than pounding waves on the right, sand dunes on the left and beach straight ahead. That was pretty much it for 15 kms.

Today’s walk…dunes left, waves right, beach straight ahead

The occasional sea creature would add some variety…

After taking the exit from the beach to Swan Lake campsite another 1.5km of walking through towering sand dunes was required to reach camp. This was also the stomping ground of the local dune buggy club.

Upon arriving into camp I scouted around for suitable trees to hang the hammock. I could not find anything that would work and eventually realised tonight’s sleep would be on the ground. It would be my first time sleeping on the ground under a tarp. It was quite fiddly to set up but I got it to a configuration I thought would be ok. There wasn’t any rain forecast so I left the entrance wide open.

Oh the horror…sleeping on the ground!

With shelter sorted I tended to my feet as a large blister had developed on my left big toe. My heel blisters had been behaving pretty well so this was a new front in the blister wars.

It was a nice campsite and there was a beautiful sunset to close out the day – much better than it looks in the photo below.

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