Great South West Walk Day 7, Nelson Rest Day, November 2021

The weather was nasty last night and continued to be very wet and windy today. It turned out to be a perfectly timed rest day in Nelson.

A pretty lazy day was had as the weather was not conducive to exploring the town and surrounds.

I did a bit of food sorting for the next section of the walk from Nelson to Portland via the coast.

Food for the next 6 days along the coast from Nelson to Portland

I also caught up a bit on my trip journal and spent some time using the free Wifi at the info centre to refresh the weather forecast and read some news.

I had dinner at the pub with Judy. We met a hiker named Helena who arrived at 7.30 pm. She had walked along the coast from Lake Monibeong today in the wild weather. As well as walking into the driving rain and wind she missed the turnoff from the beach to Nelson and ended up spending a couple of hours around the estuary before eventually finding her way to town. We chatted to her about her day and got some information about the track for the next few days. At one point Judy mentioned her leech bite was getting a bit inflamed. Helena asked to have a look as she is a paramedic. She thought the inflammation might be well on the way to infection. She drew a circle around the red area to monitor if it spread overnight. If it got worse Judy would be getting a lift to Portland to get it checked out and it would probably end her walk.

With the wind and rain continuing well into the night we all said good night and I made my way to my room. Last proper bed for a few days. Not that the hammock hasn’t been good, but I wonder whether it will be as easy to find places to hang it on the coastal section.

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