Great South West Walk Day 6, Pattersons to Nelson, November 2021

The prospect of a shower and a pub meal was high motivation to not linger at camp this morning. I was packed up and walking by 7.45am.

Packed up and ready to go

Today’s walk was the best day of the river section with stunning views of the river gorge. The path was a lot rockier today and required a bit more care with foot placement.

I stepped across the border into South Australia just after 10am. It felt slightly illicit with the SA COVID border restrictions not allowing Victorians to enter . This is pretty remote though so they must turn a blind eye as there were no signs or anything to say it was not allowed to continue on the trail.

Shh, nothing to see here

I did not come across any snakes today, third day in a row, but did spot this Blue Tongue lizard off to the side of the trail.

Hello Bluey!

The last few kms into Nelson along the river eased me back into civilisation with houses and boat moorings replacing the bush. I arrived in Nelson around 1pm.

After checking into my room at the Nelson Hotel a shower was the first item on the agenda. All the dust, grime and sweaty stench were washed away and it felt very good. A few days in the bush always renews my appreciation for a hot shower.

Nelson Hotel accommodation

With no wifi at the hotel and no reception on my mobile I discovered the tourist information office had free wifi. It was just over the road and a little uphill from the hotel. So I camped myself on a bench outside and got myself caught up. A long chat with a Helen followed by a call to Mum to let her know I did not get foul weather last night that Melbourne did and that I was ok. I checked the weather forecast and it seems tonight and tomorrow are going to be very wet and windy. A warning for severe and damaging winds was issued for the area. Fortunately I had a rest day planned tomorrow so would be able to sit it out in comfort.

Next on the list was laundry. The pub kindly let me use their washing machine to clean my filthy hiking clothes. With my jobs done I could relax a bit before dinner.

Ryan and Erin’s family had gathered at the pub for dinner and invited me to join them. They were all a very friendly chatty bunch so I had a good time in their company. I had a large beef schnitzel with gravy, chips and salad washed down with a couple of schooners of Coopers Ale.

Ryan and Erin are determined to push on tomorrow in the rain and strong wind. Hopefully they will be ok.

Feeling very sated I made my way to bed and slept very well as the weather started to get quite angry.

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