Stanley Name Spur – March 2021

Upper Howqua Camping Area to Stanley Name Spur, camping in a saddle near a creek before the climb to Crosscut Saw

Our group of four set off from the Upper Howqua camping area around 11am (roughly). A gentle amble along the Howqua River was a nice easy start to the walk in low to mid 20’s temps. We made the turnoff to Queen Spur Track and proceeded on a mostly steady uphill well-defined track. I huffed and puffed a bit as the weather seemed to warm up a notch or two, or was it my lack of fitness being exposed?

The junction with Stanley Name Spur was reached and it was pretty clear where we needed to go so no problems there. I remembered continuing on the Queen Spur Track in 2013 on the way to the Crosscut Saw and Mount Speculation – that track was not clear at all back then and the climb up to Mount Buggery was … well the name says it all.

So why is it Stanley Name Spur and not just Stanley Spur? No idea, but it’s a nice distraction to ponder from the steady uphill, with a touch of clambering over tree fall … is that temperature still going up?

Mount Magdala and Hell’s Window on the right…

And the Crosscut Saw looming in front of us…

Not forgetting Mount Buggery and Mount Speculation…

Camp for tonight was a saddle near a nicely flowing creek just before the steeper last part of the spur to the Crosscut Saw. Plenty of trees around but not a lot of great hanging spots. Choices were either in a heavily wooded area with lots of tree fall or a couple of spots out in the open with some trees that have seen better days. Decided on this spot, opting for a view over healthier trees.

Ok, all set. Third trip out with the hammock, getting it all worked out, what could go wrong? Surprise visitor perhaps?

Our Highland Copperhead friend settles into the base of the trunk of that tree and there s/he stays. Looks like we are uneasy neighbours for tonight. Seems we both don’t want to give up our view.

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